I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I have been interested in the arts, since I was a kid, but I found my passion in the art of photography. I love music, I play instruments like drums and bass, and I love to sing Karaoke. I love sports; I like to play soccer, racquetball, tennis, volleyball, ping-pong and golf.

I believe that an image is one of the most remarkable ways of expression because it shows the beauty of a split-second, freezing reality, converting it into a memory that will last forever, and giving you the possibility to capture those moments that are impossible to see with our own eyes.

One of my dreams is to be able to travel around the world with my wife and my camera and shoot photos of different cultures, races and those wonderful places that you only see in magazines, post cards and movies, and take photos with my own camera and have the privilege to say, “I was there, I took that beautiful picture”. That would be awesome.

“When the words are not enough, take a picture and show it to the world.”                                                                                                                                   Fernando Ordonez.


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